Mary Keglovits Mathieu

Software development, website development and technical writing services.


This sample demostrates the use of server-side PHP within a website for validating data and storing it in a SQL database. A unique registration number in one of the three user-chosen project categories is generated and assigned to each registrant.

Technical Writing

This sample demostrates technical writing skills using as an example the programming of a home security alarm system. A foundation of knowledge is developed before launching into the step-by-step process. For those with greater knowledge, navigation is provided which allows for immediate access of the step-by-step instructions. Integrating printing support provides printed output in the format of an article rather than default web page printing.

Javascript, HTML and CSS

This website,, serves as a sample of javascript, html and css programming. The Bootstrap framework is utilized for a variety of elements. Best practices and current designs trends are followed.

Panel 4

panel 4 now is the one that needs more text in order to get it wrap. In fact each of the panesl need a lot more text so that all of the wrapping can be seen.

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